Organic Food Industry Bought Up by Corporations

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You may be wondering why some supposedly ‘healthy’ and ‘environmentally conscious’ companies deceive unknowing consumers into purchasing products with hidden additives and fillers. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that a large number of these pseudo-organic brands are owned by their very unhealthy ‘competitors’, such as Coca-Cola and General Mills. In fact, some of your favorite “All Natural” and organic companies may be owned by a corporate giant.

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No better way to see that we need to stop buying prepackaged, processed foods and start (or keep) making our own. Casbah was a favourite brand of mine, and I've been thinking that I could come up with my own recipes -- no time like the present! Thanks for the boot, organic dream!

Anybody else besides me notice (starting at least 15 years ago) that there are about 25 different shampoos on grocery store shelves, which sight cons us into thinking that we have lots of choices? Then we look at the label and see that they're all owned by about five companies. (And still filled with unpronounceable, life-destroying ingredients.) Big choice.

And now they're either getting blatant, or hiding their acquisitions. Check for a name brand next time you're shopping for the most common brand of stoned wheat thins -- there isn't one. It's just mysteriously disappeared off the box... (Used to be in the upper left-hand corner, a red circle...)

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Thanks Organic Dream for again another interesting, informative post - fascinating article. I will definately pass the info on to friends and family.